Empowering Self-Employed Carers, Simplifying Business

Welcome to PocketCarer, the ultimate all-in-one app for self employed carers. With PocketCarer, you can efficiently manage your care business from anywhere, right on your phone. Track care plans, manage medications, invoice clients and keep track of earnings – all in one streamlined platform. 

Our app empowers you to provide top-quality care while handling the business side with ease. The mobility of PocketCarer gives you the freedom to manage your business on the go. Whether you’re at a client’s home or on the move, access your business information anytime, anywhere. 

Join our community and unlock the full potential of your care business today. 

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Keep Detailed Records

Medication, care plans and risk assessments, daily notes, food and fluid logs and bowel charts, body maps and observations. Access all the necessary forms, logs, and templates to enhance your client care experience with PocketCarer.


Streamlined Care

Easily track and monitor your client’s health and progress. Communicate securely with other carers and family. Provide personalised and effective care through one comprehensive app.

More Amazing Features

At PocketCarer, ensuring the utmost safety and security of your business and client
records is our primary focus. Our cloud storage platform encompasses all the
necessary features to meet your needs effectively.


Mileage Tracker

In-app mileage tracker helps you keep on top of your business miles making HMRC self-assessment easier.

Income & Expenditure

Effortlessly manage your finances using our income and expenditure logs, conveniently upload receipts, and easily download them when you’re ready for self-assessment.


Are you part of a micro team? With Teams, you can effortlessly share your clients’ records, ensuring consistent service across the board.

Relatives App

Ensure seamless connectivity for everyone with the free Relatives app, providing accessible information right in your pocket, whether for the client or their loved ones.


Effortlessly generate and send client invoices while keeping all your records in one centralized location.

Helping YOU provide the best quality care for your clients with PocketCarer


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