Elevating care with simple digital solutions.

Beyond just an app, PocketCarer is your comprehensive care system designed to walk this journey with you.

We understand the challenges you face daily, and with our user-friendly system, we’re here to simplify tasks, save you money, and ensure you can spend more time doing what you do best – delivering fantastic care.


Why Choose PocketCarer?

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Designed by Carers
Unlike other care planning software, PocketCarer is born from the invaluable insights and experiences of carers working in the community. This ensures a user-friendly and efficient platform crafted with genuine understanding of the challenges faced in the field.
Distinctive Approach
Our unique approach aims to create a solution for those who find traditional care planning software inaccessible, whether as Self-Employed Carers, small teams, or small/medium businesses. PocketCarer opens new possibilities by combining care management and business management in one affordable, easy-to-use app."
Cost and Time Savings
Say goodbye to paperwork-related costs and time-consuming processes. PocketCarer streamlines care management effortlessly, offering not just a digital platform, but a solution that saves both time and money.
For Who

Who is PocketCarer For?

For Small to Medium Businesses
PocketCarer is the perfect companion for your care service. Whether you're a new venture looking for a cost-effective solution or an established business transitioning to digital management, we're here to enhance your operations.
Micro Providers and Self-Employed Carers
Feel supported and organised whether you work independently or as part of a team. PocketCarer keeps all your records in one accessible place, making your care journey smoother.
For Family Members
Whether you’re a family member managing direct payments/personal health budgets or building a care team for yourself or a loved one, PocketCarer simplifies the process, providing an ideal solution to manage all your care needs.

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