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PocketCarer – where simplicity meets comprehensive care management. Enjoy all-in-one functionality at one transparent price. From initial assessments to invoicing, PocketCarer seamlessly integrates every feature you need. No additional add-ons, no hidden costs – just a holistic solution empowering you to provide exceptional care and run operations smoothly.

Care Planning:

Initial Care Plan Assessment
Kickstart the care journey with a comprehensive assessment to tailor plans according to individual needs.
Risk Assessments
Identify and manage potential risks to ensure a safe care environment.
Daily Notes
Keep detailed, real-time records of daily activities and events to enhance communication and continuity of care. Upload pictures to evidence activities.
Daily Care Plan
Create and manage daily tasks efficiently to provide a structured and personalised care routine.
Client Profile
Capture essential information about clients, including preferences and specific support needs, ensuring a personalised approach.
Check in and Out
Log and track care visits seamlessly, enhancing accountability and providing a clear timeline of care activities.
Food and Fluid Logs
Record and monitor clients' nutritional intake, ensuring a well-documented history of food and fluid consumption.
Personal Care Logs
Keep detailed records of personal care activities, offering insights into individual needs and preferences.
Mood Monitoring
Track and analyse clients' moods over time to understand emotional well-being and identify patterns.
Body Maps
Utilise visual aids for tracking specific areas of concern or care, providing a comprehensive overview, add pictures to track recovery.
Bowel Charts
Maintain accurate records of bowel movements to monitor digestive health and identify any potential issues.
Capture and document any noteworthy observations during care sessions, ensuring a holistic view of the client's well-being.

Business Management:

Efficiently schedule and manage care shifts, ensuring optimal coverage and allocation of resources.
Carer Profiles
Maintain detailed profiles of carers, including qualifications and training history.
Carer Availability
Easily track and manage carers' availability to streamline scheduling.
Generate and manage invoices, ensuring a straightforward financial process for both self-employed carers and care businesses. Add your logo to personlise.
Record and manage working hours accurately, facilitating easy payroll processing and compliance.
Live-in Care Contracts
Create and manage contracts for live-in care services, ensuring clarity and agreement on terms.
Domiciliary Care Contracts
Establish and maintain contracts for domiciliary care services, covering a range of care needs and preferences.
Mileage Tracking
Keep accurate records of carers' travel distances, facilitating reimbursement and cost management.
Income and Expenditure Logs
Maintain a clear financial overview with detailed logs of income and expenditures. Upload receipts and invoices.
Carer Permissions
Manage access permissions for carers, ensuring secure and appropriate system usage.
Offline Capabilities
Carry out essential tasks even without an internet connection, ensuring continuity of care in various settings.
All logs are downloadable as PDFs and more, providing a convenient way to access and share comprehensive information.
Team Chat
Coordinate tasks, achieve quick issue resolution, and stay updated—enhancing efficient communication for seamless care services.
Relatives App
Provide a dedicated app for clients' relatives, allowing them to stay informed and connected with care records and updates.

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