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Pocket Carer makes being a self-employed carer easy. If your just getting started or have 
self-employed for awhile, there’s a plan for you.

Welcome to PocketCarer, the affordable solution for self-employed carers in search of an easy-to-use app that simplifies care planning and business management. Our aim is to provide a user-friendly experience tailored to your needs.

Don’t forget to explore our exciting partnerships! We offer discount codes to both NACAS members and Mark Bates Insurance Customers, enabling you to save even more. Plus, keep an eye out for our regular promotions and special offers, designed to provide extra value and benefits.

To help you make an informed decision, we offer a 30-day free trial with our monthly subscription. Alternatively, choose our yearly plan and enjoy two months absolutely free. We’re committed to transparency and ensuring you have complete confidence in your choice.

Experience the power of PocketCarer by booking a demo today. Discover how our app streamlines care planning and business management, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional care. Join us now and unlock a new level of efficiency and convenience.


PocketCarer basic is free to use plan from us, it comes with limited features to start you with your self-employed carer journey fast.

Unlimited Clients

Limited Features

£7.99 a Month

Ready to upgrade from the free basic subscription? Our monthly premium subscription provides great value at £7.99 a month. Don’t forget to check out our partners for discount codes.

Access All Features

Unlimited Support & Guidance

£79.99 a Year

Sign up for an annual subscription and receive two months free, saving you £15.89 a year.

* discount codes only available on monthly subscriptions

Access All Features

Unlimited Support & Guidance

Year long usability

PocketCarer Micro Teams

Are you part of a microteam? Our Teams add-on, available for just £2.99 a month, is the perfect way to securely share information with those you collaborate on care with. It keeps everything in one place and ensures everyone stays updated.

To become part of a team, all team members must have a paid subscription. The admin, who creates the team, has the responsibility of adding clients and managing care plans, risk assessments, and medications.

With Teams, team members have access to the following features:

  • View care plans, risk assessments, and medications
  • Add medication doses
  • Update daily notes, meal and fluid logs
  • Record observations
  • Utilise body maps and bowel charts
  • Create Handover Notes

Teams simplifies collaboration, making it easy for everyone to stay on top of the care process. Upgrade top our Teams add on and experience the convenience of streamlined communication and information sharing.

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the plan that suites your needs

  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Basic
Unlimited Clients
Daily Notes
Meal Logs
Fluid Charts
Body Maps
Bowel Charts
Care Plans
Risk Assessment
Income & Expenditure Logs
Relatives App
Mileage Tracker
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