As a self-employed carer, you are allowed to claim back certain business expenses when it comes to filing your self-assessment tax returns.  It’s sometimes confusing to work out what is a deductible expense and what isn’t.  In this article, we will highlight 8 deductible business expenses for self-employed healthcare workers to help you when it comes to completing your tax returns.

1. Work clothing

Uniforms you have purchased yourself, and other clothing strictly required to carry out your role as a self-employed carer, are all classed as an allowable business expense. Of course, PPE such as gloves, aprons and face masks are also an allowable business expense if you purchase them yourself.

2. Professional insurance

As a self-employed healthcare worker, public liability insurance is a must.  Depending on your role and duties you may also require professional indemnity insurance and even travel insurance.  PocketCarer has teamed up with Mark Bates Insurance to offer our subscribers discounted public liability insurance.  Click here to read more

3. Transport

There are a number of allowable business expenses when it comes to transport, including fuel costs, insurance, tax, car maintenance and repairs. Click here to see the HMRC guide.  It’s important to log your business mileage so as your calculations are accurate.  PocketCarer has a fantastic mileage tracker feature to help you keep accurate records.

4. Office supplies and equipment

 Allowable business expenses can include:

  • Stationary
  • Printing and ink
  • Postage
  • Software used for under 2 years or on subscription

If you use cash basis accounting, you can also claim expenses for certain business equipment such as computer hardware, printers, and software used for over 2 years.

Remember, your PocketCarer subscription is an allowable business expense.

5. Phone and wifi

A percentage of your phone and wifi costs are tax deductible. You can claim expenses relating to the purchase of a mobile phone, contract and call costs.  If you are using your phone or computer for work purposes, ie sourcing new clients, online courses, advertising online etc, then a percentage of your wifi costs/contract is also classed as a business expense.

6. Legal and professional costs

If you use professionals such as an accountant, financial adviser, or solicitor purely for business reasons, you can claim their fees as expenses.

7. Marketing

All the costs for marketing your self-employed carer business such as leaflets, business cards, social media costs and traditional advertising are all allowable business expenses.

8. Trade/business/professional membership subscriptions

The cost of membership to trade bodies or professional organisations, such as the National Association of Care and Support Workers, is an allowable business expense, as is the cost of subscribing to professional publications. Your subscription to PocketCarer, which enables you to switch to smart, trackable spending and have full control and visibility of your clients, is of course also an allowable business expense.  PocketCarer is 100% mobile with offline capabilities for when you are out of signal range.  PocketCarer’s data security means you keep all your client records safe, secure and compliant. At just £7.99 p/m or £79.99 a year don’t delay and download today!

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