The Pocket Carer app enables you to keep accurate, up-to-date records on the go, when you are a self-employed carer.

Being a self-employed carer is an extremely rewarding career.  You’re able to choose your own clients, control your salary, and ultimately, create a more fulfilling sense of work/life balance for yourself.

However, being a self-employed carer also its challenges.  As with starting-up any new business, there’s lots to learn, and the amount of paperwork and admin involved is sometimes a shock.  The Pocket Carer app offers many useful and necessary features for the self-employed carer, which helps alleviate the uncertainly and anxiety surrounding making that exciting leap from being an employee, to being in charge of your own business.

Keeping accurate records as a self-employed carer

As an experienced health-care professional, you’ll already know the importance of keeping accurate and up-to-date records for you clients.  These can include the dosage and frequency of medication, which, if not recorded accurately, could result in a client receiving substandard care.

The Pocket Carer app provides you with must-have features

  • Care plans
  • Risk assessments
  • Medication plans
  • Meal plans
  • Mileage tracker

Designed by self-employed carers for self-employed carers

Pocket Carer has been designed for self-employed carers, by self-employed carers.  Years of personal experience and a passion to provide the best care for their clients led the creators of Pocket Carer to research and produce an app which enables you to be more efficient and productive in your job.

Pocket Carer is available to download for free on both IOS and Android via the Apple App Store or Play Store.  Streamlining the process of becoming a self-employed carer with a variety of business tools and templates, Pocket Carer membership costs just £7.99/month or, get 2 month’s free and pay just £79.99/year. Your subscription opens up full access to the suite of templates and features necessary to become an organised and efficient self-employed carer today.

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