Meet the Team Behind PocketCarer

Meet the PocketCarer Team! Behind every great founder is a great team of innovative and specialised professionals to create, support and advise. And that’s exactly the case with PocketCarer.  The brainchild of founder, Emma Harding, a self-employed carer for over 15 years, PocketCarer was born from experiencing the challenges of managing a care business first-hand.  […]

PocketCarer Launches the Micro Teams Board for Carers

Enhance Client Care and Collaboration by joining the PocketCarer Micro Teams Board PocketCarer has launched its Micro Teams Board, enabling self-employed carers to connect and gain valued contacts across the country and beyond!  PocketCarer Micro Teams connects-up carers, provides support in managing clients, arranging cover when time off is needed, and connecting with new clients.  […]

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