Meet the Team Behind PocketCarer

Meet the PocketCarer Team! Behind every great founder is a great team of innovative and specialised professionals to create, support and advise. And that’s exactly the case with PocketCarer.  The brainchild of founder, Emma Harding, a self-employed carer for over 15 years, PocketCarer was born from experiencing the challenges of managing a care business first-hand.  […]

PocketCarer Launches the Micro Teams Board for Carers

Enhance Client Care and Collaboration by joining the PocketCarer Micro Teams Board PocketCarer has launched its Micro Teams Board, enabling self-employed carers to connect and gain valued contacts across the country and beyond!  PocketCarer Micro Teams connects-up carers, provides support in managing clients, arranging cover when time off is needed, and connecting with new clients.  […]

A Guide on Safeguarding for Self-Employed Carers

What is safeguarding? Safeguarding your client is a critical aspect in your role as a self-employed carer.  Whilst most carer experiences are positive and rewarding, there may be occasions when you have a concern about the wellbeing or safety of your client. These could cover physical, mental, sexual, or emotional abuse, or financial manipulation or […]

The PocketCarer Guide to Creating Risk Assessments as a Self-Employed Carer

Free risk assessment Zoom workshop with PocketCarer PocketCarer is holding free Zoom workshops on how to understand what is required to create positive risk assessments for your clients.  As a self-employed carer, carrying out a risk assessment for all your clients is a top priority.  Regular risk assessments will allow you to identify potential hazards […]

What records should self-employed carers be keeping?

What records should self-employed carers be keeping? As a self-employed carer, it is essential that the records you keep for your clients are in order, in a safe place, and contain all relevant information.  This is important so that information is easily accessible should you be sharing the care of your client, or, handing over […]

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